Tartan Throw or Blanket Medium Weight Wool

Tartan Throw or Blanket Medium Weight Wool

(4 customer reviews)


  • The Tartan Throw or Blanket Medium Weight Wool is made with tartan woven in Scotland, and finished with fringed ends
  • It features medium weight wool to keep you warm and comfortable
  • Choose from over 250 tartan choices to fit your home decor or to display your clan pride
  • This throw measures 60 inches wide—customize the length to your preference

Custom-order! Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery. Please click for important information about custom-order items.


Your closet doesn’t need to be the only place with some tartan in it! If your home could use a splash of tartan (honestly, what home doesn’t?), this beautiful tartan throw blanket is for you. Whether you want this throw blanket on your favorite chair, couch, bed, or even a table, you’ll be sure to brighten up your space while keeping cozy! With over 250 tartans to choose from and customizable lengths to fit your needs and preferences, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, you might find yourself fighting over it if you have a large family! Get ready for tons of compliments the next time you entertain guests over!

Custom-order! Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery. Please click for important information about custom-order items.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Double Width 13oz Tartans

Anderson Ancient, Anderson Modern, Armstrong Ancient, Armstrong Modern, Austin/Keith/Marshall Ancient, Austin/Keith/Marshall Modern, Baird Ancient, Baird Modern, Barclay Hunting Modern, Black Watch Ancient, Black Watch Modern, Black Watch Modern #2, Blair Ancient, Blair Modern, Boyd Modern, Braveheart Warrior (Watt), Brodie Red Modern, Bruce Ancient, Bruce Modern, Buchanan Ancient, Buchanan Hunting Modern, Buchanan Modern, Caledonia (District) Ancient, Caledonia (District) Modern, Cameron Clan Modern, Cameron of Erracht Ancient, Campbell Argyll Ancient*, Campbell Argyll Modern*, Campbell Clan Ancient, Campbell of Cawdor Modern, Carnegie Modern, Chisholm Red Modern, Clark Ancient, Cochrane Modern, Colquhoun Ancient, Colquhoun Modern, Cooper Ancient, Cooper Modern, Craig Ancient, Crawford Ancient, Crawford Modern, Culloden (District) Ancient, Cunningham Modern, Davidson Ancient, Davidson Modern, Douglas (Green) Ancient, Douglas (Green) Modern, Douglas Dark Modern, Douglas Grey Modern, Douglas Navy Dark, Drummond of Perth Modern, Dunbar (District) Modern, Duncan Ancient, Duncan Modern, Earl of St. Andrews, Elliot Ancient, Elliot Modern, Erskine (Red & Green) Modern, Farquharson Ancient, Farquharson Modern, Farquharson Weathered, Ferguson Ancient, Ferguson Modern, Forbes Ancient, Forbes Modern, Forrester Hunting Modern, Forrester Modern, Forsyth Ancient, Forsyth Modern, Fraser Hunting Ancient, Fraser Hunting Modern, Fraser Red (Dress) Ancient, Fraser Red (Dress) Modern, Fraser Red (Dress) Muted, Freemason (Masonic), Galbraith Ancient, Galbraith Modern, Glen Affric, Gordon Ancient, Gordon Dress Modern, Gordon Modern, Gordon Red Ancient, Gordon Weathered, Graham of Menteith Ancient, Graham of Menteith Modern, Graham of Montrose Ancient, Graham of Montrose Modern, Grant (Red) Ancient, Grant (Red) Modern, Gunn Ancient, Gunn Modern, Gunn Weathered, Hamilton Green (Hunting) Ancient, Hamilton Red Modern, Hay Ancient, Hay Modern, Heather Isle Modern, Henderson Ancient, Henderson Modern, Holyrood Modern, Home/Hume Modern, Hume/Home Modern, Hunter Ancient, Inglis Ancient, Innes Red Modern, Irvine Ancient, Isle of Skye, Jardine Dress Modern, Johnston(e) Ancient, Johnston(e) Modern, Keith/Austin/Marshall Ancient, Keith/Austin/Marshall Modern, Kennedy Modern, Kerr (Red) Ancient, Kerr (Red) Modern, Lamont Ancient, Lamont Modern, Leslie Green (Hunting) Ancient, Leslie Green (Hunting) Modern, Lindsay Ancient, Lindsay Modern, Livingston(e) Modern, Logan/MacLennan Ancient, Logan/MacLennan Modern, MacAlister Modern, MacAlpine Modern, MacArthur Modern, MacAulay Red Ancient, MacBeth Modern, MacCallum Ancient, MacCallum Old Ancient, MacCallum Old Modern, MacDonald Clan Ancient, MacDonald Clan Modern, MacDonald Dress Modern, MacDonald of Clanranald Ancient, MacDonald of Clanranald Modern, MacDonald of Clanranald Muted, MacDonald of the Isles (Hunting) Ancient, MacDonald of the Isles (Hunting) Modern, MacDonnell of Glengarry Modern, MacDougall Modern, MacDuff (Red) Modern, MacDuff Hunting Modern, MacEwan Ancient, MacEwan Modern, MacFarlane (Red) Modern, MacFarlane Hunting Ancient, MacFarlane Hunting Modern, MacGillivray Modern, MacGregor (Red) Ancient, MacGregor (Red) Modern, MacGregor Hunting Ancient, MacGregor Hunting Modern, MacInnes (Hunting) Modern, MacIntosh (Red) Ancient, MacIntosh (Red) Modern, MacIntosh Hunting Ancient, MacIntosh Hunting Modern, MacIntyre (Hunting) Ancient, MacKay Modern, MacKenzie Ancient, MacKenzie Dress Modern, MacKenzie Modern, MacKenzie Weathered, MacKinnon Hunting Ancient, MacKinnon Hunting Modern, MacKinnon Red Modern, MacLachlan (Red) Modern, MacLaren Ancient, MacLaren Modern, MacLean Hunting Ancient, MacLean Hunting Modern, MacLean of Duart (Red) Ancient, MacLean of Duart (Red) Modern, MacLean of Duart (Red) Weathered, MacLellan Ancient, MacLeod Dress (Lewis) Modern, MacLeod Hunting (Harris) Ancient, MacLeod Hunting (Harris) Modern, MacMillan Hunting Ancient, MacMillan Hunting Modern, MacMillan Old Modern, MacNab Modern, MacNaughton Ancient, MacNaughton Modern, MacNaughton Weathered, MacNeil (Hunting) of Barra Ancient, MacNeil (Hunting) of Barra Modern, MacNicol/Nicolson Hunting Ancient, MacNicol/Nicolson Hunting Modern, MacPhail Hunting Ancient, MacPherson (Red) Ancient, MacPherson (Red) Modern, MacPherson (Red) Muted, MacPherson Hunting Ancient, MacPherson Hunting Modern, MacPhie/MacPhee Modern, MacQueen Modern, MacRae Hunting Ancient, MacRae Hunting Modern, MacRae Hunting Weathered, MacThomas Ancient, MacThomas Modern, Malcolm Modern, Marshall/Keith/Austin Ancient, Marshall/Keith/Austin Modern, Mathieson Hunting Modern, Mathieson Red Modern, Maxwell Modern, Menzies Hunting (Green) Modern, Mitchell Ancient, Mitchell Modern, Moffat (Clan) Modern, Montgomery Modern, Morrison Green (Hunting) Ancient, Morrison Green (Hunting) Modern, Muir Modern, Munro Modern, Murray of Atholl Ancient, Murray of Atholl Modern, Musselburgh Ancient, New York City Modern, Nicolson/MacNicol Hunting Ancient, Ogilvie Hunting Ancient, Patriot Modern, Ramsay Blue Modern, Ramsay Red Modern, Robertson Hunting Ancient, Robertson Hunting Modern, Robertson Hunting Muted, Robertson Red Ancient, Robertson Red Modern, Rose Hunting Ancient, Ross Hunting Ancient, Ross Hunting Modern, Ross Hunting Weathered, Royal Canadian Air Force, Russell Ancient, Russell Modern, Saffron, Scotland 2000, Scott Green Ancient, Scott Green Modern, Scott Green Weathered, Scott Red Modern, Scott Red Muted, Scottish National Ancient, Scottish National Modern, Shaw Ancient, Shaw Modern, Shepherd Black & White, Sinclair Hunting (Green) Ancient, Smith Ancient, Smith Modern, Spirit of Scotland Modern, Stewart Black Modern, Stewart Dress Modern, Stewart Hunting Ancient, Stewart Hunting Modern, Stewart Hunting Weathered, Stewart of Appin Hunting Ancient, Stewart Prince Charles Edward, Stewart Royal Modern, Strathdon (District), Strathisla (District), Strathmore (District), Strathtay (District), Strathtummel (District), Sutherland Old Ancient, Taylor Ancient, Thomson Blue (Dress) Modern, Turnbull Hunting Modern, U.S. Air Force (Unofficial), U.S. Army, U.S. Law Enforcement, U.S. Marines (Leathernecks), U.S. Navy (Edzell), Urquhart Ancient, Urquhart Modern, Urquhart Old Ancient, Urquhart Old Modern, Wallace (Green) Hunting Ancient, Wallace Red Modern, Watson Ancient, Weir Ancient, Wilson Ancient, Young Modern, Young Weathered

Blanket Size

2 Yard (60 x 72 inches), 2.5 Yard (60 x 90 inches), 3 Yard (60 x 108 inches)


Standard Fringe (2 Sides), Knotted (2 Sides), Standard Fringe (4 Sides), Knotted (4 Sides)

4 reviews for Tartan Throw or Blanket Medium Weight Wool

  1. Fred

    The quality, the colors, everything about this is great! I intend to use it as a light blanket and I couldn’t be more pleased.

  2. Terri

    Sent as a gift to my parents, so actually have no first hand knowledge of quality. However, my mother is a seamstress and knows quality fabric and workmanship when she sees it! This is QUALITY!! They are so happy with it!! I am told it is beautiful and perfect weight for them!! Thank you!!!

  3. Joseph

    Far better than I could have hoped! I gave this to my wife for our 7th wedding anniversary, the “Wool” anniversary. She was so overwhelmed she laughed through her tears. She just kept saying how beautiful it was. Thank you so much for the great customer service; the quality of this throw is stunning.

  4. Joseph

    Far better than I could have hoped! I gave this to my wife for our 7th wedding anniversary, the “Wool” anniversary. She was so overwhelmed she laughed through her tears. She just kept saying how beautiful it was. Thank you so much for the great customer service; the quality of this throw is stunning.

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