OUTLANDER Stole Authentic Premium Wool Tartan

OUTLANDER Stole Authentic Premium Wool Tartan

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  • The OUTLANDER Stole Authentic Premium Wool Tartan is made by the same Scottish mill behind those worn on the show.
  • Choose among three officially-licensed Outlander tartans.
  • A washed hopsack weave gives a natural look featuring rustic, neutral tones to match any outfit.
  • Our OUTLANDER tartans are 100% premium, 12 oz wool and measure 27 inches x 70 inches.


There are many ways to display your favorite Outlander tartan, but few are as warm and cozy as this stole! Made with 100% premium wool, these tartans are made in Scotland by the same mill that created the classic, official designs worn on the hit show, Outlander: The Series. Authenticity is the key here. These tartans are woven as a hopsack weave and washed to give it a natural look, using neutral tones that would have been popular at the time.

This stole measures 27 inches x 70 inches and is made with 12 oz wool. Choose between three official Outlander tartans.

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4 reviews for OUTLANDER Stole Authentic Premium Wool Tartan

  1. Helen (verified owner)

    I bought the full Tartan for myself awhile ago. I’ve worn it ever day since it arrived. Since I base clothing purchases on cost per wear I’m thrilled! I bought this Tartan shawl for a dear friend and she loves it. The wool is so soft yet tightly woven. It blocks out my Colorado winter winds and I’m snug and warm. Buy it you’ll love it

  2. Kyle Tamura (verified owner)

    Short review: the stole is wonderfully designed, is of great quality wool that doesn’t have that noticeably scratchy feel at all, and will keep you warm whilst not weighing down on you like an uncomfortable blanket or a clunky scarf.

    The premium wool is excellent quality and the weaving is absolutely perfect! The quality wool, weight, and dimensions make the stole ideal to either wrap or drape over oneself and will keep you warm. It is definitely NOT at all like a heavy, scratchy wool blanket — quite the opposite!!

    The fringe is nice and subtle, it doesn’t get tangled or have a distracting feel. The colors too are wonderful and add to it’s overall pleasant, rustic look and feel. I picked the Fraser design for mine which in my opinion has a nice pop of color without being distracting. This is a beautifully well-crafted, cozy, and wonderful product!

  3. djb (verified owner)

    Perfect size Love the colors Ver Warm

  4. K. Heaton

    Beautiful Shawl! Love it. Great quality!

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