LGBT+ Pride Homespun Wool Blend Tartan

LGBT+ Pride Homespun Wool Blend Tartan


  • Authentic homespun wool blend tartan hand-woven on ancient-style looms for a traditional look and feel
  • Weighs approximately 12 oz and measures 52-54 inches wide
  • Perfect for Ancient Kilts, Great Kilts, Phillabegs, or other accessories  
  • Pleats easily by hand for added simplicity
  • Please see below for full details of the Homespun Tartan


Homespun Wool Blend Tartan

The LGBTQ+ Pride Tartan: A watershed for the modern LGBT movement arose from a series of protests in New York in 1969 and to pay homage to all those involved, this tartan is based on the New York City tartan and incorporates the variety of bright colors used to identify that movement around the world.

This authentic, homespun wool blend tartan is the ideal fabric for crafting your next Ancient Kilt, Great Kilt, Phillabeg, or anything created for reenactment! Woven by hand on old-world looms, this tartan has an authentic ancient look and feel. Snags, pulls, holes, and other blemishes are common. Because it is hand-woven, these flaws are a natural part of its character. Giving this tartan its hand-made, artisanal character. Weighing 12 oz, this lightweight wool blend tartan offers more warmth than you would think. If you’re looking for quality tartan sold by the yard, look no further than this homespun tartan to craft your next Celtic garment! 

Just a reminder — Tartan is cut to order, so please order a swatch first if you are unsure.

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Weight 1 lbs


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