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Chrome Cantle Rabbit Fur Sporran

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  • The Chrome Cantle Fur Sporran is an imposing piece perfect for formal wear

  • Good quality leather with real black rabbit fur.  A sporran featuring tassel ornamentation for regal authenticity

  • Cantle closure evokes majestic highland hunting parties of the past, while an easy snap closure confers modern practicality


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Celtic Embossed Sporran Suspender - Black Leather

  • Sporran suspender made in Scotland from excellent quality black leather
  • Features a beautiful, detailed Celtic knot embossed design
  • Attaches to any standard 2¼ inch kilt belt
  • Adjustable to fit any waist size; features a snap closure for easy on/off
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Chrome Cantle Fur Sporran

The Chrome Cantle Fur Sporran is a striking accessory that will make the perfect complement to your formal highland dress. Elegance and highland swagger combine for an unforgettable effect. Formal doesn’t have to be boring; it can still give a strong and robust impression. This sporran is defined by authenticity, from the genuine leather to the real black rabbit fur. Celtic designs adorn this piece’s closure, reminiscent of a saddle cantle. However, a snap closure gives you ease-of-use in any situation. Channel the affable country laird as he plays host to the smart set, down from the city for a rustic weekend. 


Weight 1.10 lbs

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