Plain Leather-Bound Journal


Plain Leather-Bound Journal


  • Wrapped in high-quality leather and fastened by a brass clasp
  • Measures approximately 7 inches by 5 inches and just 1 inch thick, you can bring it with you anywhere comfortably
  • Old-fashioned and rough-cut and its pages are hand-bound—it’s the closest thing to a modern-day Celtic poet’s traditional notebook
  • Unlined pages mean you can doodle or sketch freely in addition to writing your thoughts

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Plain Leather-Bound Journal

It’s hard to resist a beautiful new journal, especially when the journal is as beautiful as this! Our Plain Leather-Bound Journal might have plain in the title, but with all this gorgeous, high-quality leather, old-fashioned style, and hand-bound pages, it’s certain to serve as the traditional unlined journal you’ve always wanted! Secured by an elegant brass clasp, you can trust this little book to hold all your doodles, lists, notes, and thoughts. Measuring at just 7 inches by 5 inches and only an inch thick, you’ll want to bring this journal with you wherever you go. Channel your inner Celtic poet and inscribe all your important messages into this leather-bound journal!

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