Black Canvas Kilt
Black Canvas Kilt

Black Canvas Kilt – 38W 24L

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  • Practical utility kilt made of durable and comfortable medium-weight 100% cotton denim fabric
  • Comes with two large side pockets to conveniently hold all your items
  • Fastens securely with straps, buckles, and snaps, with belt loops to fit any 2 inch belt
  • Perfect for activewear, daily use, or festivals


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Black Canvas Kilts

For any Scotsman who wears kilts frequently, you know how important it is to find a comfortable and durable kilt to support active, outdoor use, or daily wear-and-tear. This black canvas kilt has been designed for precisely that purpose! Whether you’re dressing it up or down for a formal or casual event, this kilt is simple and practical, perfect for your needs.

No sporran? No problem! Featuring two large side pòcaid (pockets), this kilt will hold your phone, wallet, keys, and other essentials even if you don’t have a sporran or belt pouch (although they can’t hurt!).

Get yours with a kilt hanger to keep it securely in your closet, ready for every wear!

How To Measure for Your Kilt

  1. Have someone help you. If you bend over even a bit, your measurement will not be correct.
  2. Most people prefer to wear their canvas kilts at the pants waist, like a pair of jeans. If this is what you choose, then measure comfortably around your waist where the top of your pants rest.  If you prefer the traditional kilt waist, measure your waist size in inches at the navel (belly button).
  3. Measure around your hips (butt) at the fullest point (usually 6-8 inches below the waist).
  4. Measure from your waist (kilt waist or pants waist accordingly) to about the middle of the knee.