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Stewart Royal Modern Homespun Wool-Blend Tartan Fly Plaid

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  • 36″x 54″ Standard Fringe. Lighter color than our other Stewart Royals.

  • Our Homespun fly plaid handmade in the USA.
  • It features an authentic and historically accurate looking light weight fabric.
  • This fly plaid matches our casual kilts, formal kilts, and phillabegs to complete your outfit.
  • Choose from 90+ ancient and modern tartan, both clan and non-clan.



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Stewart Royal Modern Homespun Wool-Blend Tartan Fly Plaid – 36″x 54″

Custom made just for you, these wool-blend tartan fly plaids are the perfect addition to our casual kilts, formal kilts, and Phillabegs. Brooched at the shoulder and allowed to drape down the back, fly plaids are perfect for formal Celtic attire. These authentic fly plaids are woven with a wool-blend fabric and made in the USA. Show off your Scottish heritage with your clan tartan, or choose between 90+ other options to match your kilt, customizing your fringe to how you want it too! With both standard and extra-large sizes, you’ll be able to find the perfect fly plaid to fit your needs.

Handwoven on old-world looms, our signature and budget-friendly homespun tartan has a more authentic and historically accurate look than modern, machine-made tartan and creates a rustic, looser weave.