Assorted Tartan Craft Bag

Assorted Tartan Craft Bag


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Assorted Tartan Craft Bag

Get your craft on with an Assorted Tartan Craft Bag! Where are all the pieces from? Well, sometimes we get swatches in that the customer no longer needs, or that we didn’t need. Rather than sending it back to our supplier, we like to give our customers the opportunity to discover new tartans! Tartan weights will vary from spring weight (7-8oz) all the way to heavy weight (15-16oz), and sizes will vary based on who from and why we have the piece in the first place. As a general rule, most pieces will be about 4 inches by 6 inches. Some might come with a tartan name, and some will not. 

  • Assorted tartan swatches of all different weights and sizes
  • 10 individual pieces
  • Perfect for quilt making or assorted craft projects
  • What are the tartans included? It’s a surprise.
  • Pictured pieces included
  • Clearance items are not returnable


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