Farquharson Modern 11oz Premium Wool Tartan Sash

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  • Made in Scotland using premium, lightweight wool (11 ounces), making this tartan sash both comfortable and fashionable
  • Choose between over 500 modern and ancient clan and non-clan tartans to display your heritage
  • Versatile, simple, and matches every outfit—pair it with jeans, a kilt, or a gown!
  • Measures approximately 11 inches by 90 inches


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Whether you’re wearing jeans, a kilt, or a gown, add a little tartan, and a little Scottish pride, to your outfit. You will not believe how versatile this tartan sash can be! It makes every outfit a Celtic outfit and an opportunity to display your heritage with pride.

With over 500 modern and ancient tartans to choose from, you can honor your unique family history and heritage.  

It is made from lightweight premium wool, which means that you can accessorize your outfit without feeling bulky or weighed down. Be cool, comfortable, and fashionable the next time you step out!

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