Stewart Hunting Premium Wool Scottish Tartan Neck Ties-sold 3-23

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  • 100% authentic Scottish tartan neck ties crafted from spring weight premium wool, the lightest of all our materials.
  • Expertly created in Scotland but always available and ready to ship from the USA.
  • Perfect for showing your Scottish pride.
  • about 58″ long – 3.5″ at the widest


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In-Stock Premium Wool Scottish Tartan Neck Ties

We love a proper kilt and head-to-toe Scottish outfit, but let’s be honest – sometimes we Celtic folks can go a little overboard. Thankfully, these premium wool Scottish tartan neckties are the perfect balance of showing off your Celtic heritage without needing to go all-out. Available in all of our most popular tartans, feel free to browse and pick your favorite. These neckties are made in Scotland, but always ready to ship from the USA. Crafted from premium wool but still lightweight, these neckties are the perfect accessory for a formal or semi-formal event!