Handfasting Tartan, An Irish Wedding Tradition

Young Modern – Homespun Handfasting Tartan

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  • Handfasting tartan for historical Scottish marriage ritual
  • Homespun tartan made from a comfortable blend of polyester and wool
  • Woven by hand on old-world looms for a rustic, handmade look
  • Available in 100 tartans, choose one to represent your clan or match our homespun starter kilt at your wedding


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Homespun Handfasting Tartan

If it’s time for you to “Tie the Knot,” then you’re going to need a handfasting tartan! With its roots dating back centuries in Scotland, handfasting is an ancient ritual, meaning “betrothal” or “wedding.” If you want an authentic Celtic wedding, then you’ll definitely want to incorporate this event! Not only is the handfasting tartan hand-woven from our quality, homespun wool blend for a rustic, authentic look, but you can also choose between 100 tartans to fit your needs and represent your clan. Complete your plans for a genuine Celtic wedding with this authentic, historic ritual filled with meaning—there’s no better way to start your pòsadh (marriage)!