Purple Celtic Cross Backpack


Purple Celtic Cross Backpack


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Celtic Cross Backpack Totes

Wear one of our Celtic Cross Backpack Totes to your next Scottish or Irish Fair! Perfect as a catch-all or personal shopping bag. Available in purple or green. Because they are hand-dyed, colors may vary a little from what’s pictured.

Generously sized to fit all your stuff. Measures 20″ tall, and 16″ wide at the top, with an 11″ diameter round bottom. Ingenious draw-string shoulder straps close the top of your bag. Made in India.

  • Catch-All or Shopping Bag
  • Measures 20″ tall, and 16″ wide at the top
  • 11″ diameter round bottom
  • Available in Purple or Green
  • Hand-Dyed, Colors May Vary

History Behind the Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross is a symbol that originated from the high crosses found in Ireland dating between the 9th and 12th centuries. The cross itself stems from the Latin cross, however, the addition of the ring connecting the limbs of the cross set it apart. Stone workers added this ring in order to support the arms of the cross and provide a longer lifespan to the stone structure. This design rose in popularity during the Celtic Revival in the 1800s and people began to refer to it as a “Celtic Cross” starting in this time period. You can see that this product is decorated with intricate interlacing that imitates the ornamentation found in early illuminated manuscripts and on stone Celtic crosses.


Since we specialize in kilts, of course we have a kilt for your beer! Our Musical Can Kilt Koozie will get a couple laughs, and make you do a jig to the tune it plays! Our Musical Bagpipe Magnet serves a functional purpose, but also plays a tune for your enjoyment. Represent your country or heritage at the next ball game with our Scottish, Irish, and Welsh ball caps! Our Scottish, Irish, and Welsh flag bumper stickers also do the trick. Don’t forget about our Scottish Medicine Kit! Of course, a good whisky fixes everything! Drink responsibly! Our Scottish and Irish bottle opener key chains have a built in flashlight! This makes it a very handy item for you to carry around.

Additional Scottish Accessories

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The Celtic Knot Embossed Premium Leather Sporran has two embossed Celtic Knots, and three tassels. For an added punk feel, we have our Celtic Knot Studded Premium Leather Sporran. Our Dagger Closure Premium Sporran includes a metal dagger closure and a large Celtic knot embossed on the front. The Premium Clan Crest Sporran has an extra large flap that displays your clan crest on a bed of Celtic knot embossing. Lastly, our very extravagant Stag Head Premium Leather Sporran has a beautifully decorated flap and intricate tooling on the body. The flap features a metal stag’s head with large, decorative antlers. 

We carry a variety of premium fur sporrans from Scotland and Canada. Firstly, L&M Highland Outfitters expertly produce our Badger Fur Sporran with Stag Badge. Skilled Scottish crafters make our Black Bovine Premium Fur Sporran. The light grey bovine fur of our Celtic Embossed Premium Fur Sporran contrasts with the premium black leather. The Celtic Embossed Studded Premium Fur Sporran has a punk feel to it.

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