Heavy Weight Tartan Flag (House of Edgar)

Heavy Weight Tartan Flag (House of Edgar)



Heavy Weight Tartan Flags

These flags are made to order from 15/16oz tartan. Special-order; Please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery.

Depending on the fabric and the weaver, some tartans come to us with finished edges, and others do not. When making your flag, all unfinished edges are roll-hemmed for a lifetime of good looks and durability. You also have a choice of three grommets, or a flag-pole sleeve.

Represent your clan! Made to order from any of more than 500 Tartans, flags are approximately 56×36 inches, and made to fit a standard flag pole. Custom work is available, so please contact us if you have any special requirements.

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
House of Edgar Heavy Weight Tartan List H

Anderson Modern, Balfour Ancient, Black Watch Modern, Brodie Red Modern, Brown Modern, Bruce New Modern, Buchanan Modern, Caledonia (District) Ancient, Cameron of Erracht Modern, Campbell Clan Ancient, Carmichael Ancient, Carnegie Ancient, Cranston Ancient, Davidson Modern, Drummond of Perth Modern, Ferguson Modern, Flower of Scotland, Forbes Modern, Fraser Hunting Ancient, Gordon Modern, Irish National, Keith/Austin/Marshall Modern, Kerr Hunting Ancient, Leslie Green (Hunting) Modern, Lindsay Modern, MacArthur Modern, MacBeth Ancient, MacDonald Clan Ancient, MacDonald Clan Modern, MacDonald of the Isles (Hunting) Modern, MacFarlane Hunting Modern, MacGregor (Red) Modern, MacKay Modern, MacKenzie Modern, MacKinnon Hunting Ancient, MacLeod Dress (Lewis) Modern, MacLeod Hunting (Harris) Modern, MacPherson (Red) Modern, MacPherson Hunting Modern, Menzies Hunting (Green) Modern, Monarch of the Glen, Murray of Atholl Modern, Napier Modern, Ramsay Red Modern, Robertson Hunting Ancient, Robertson Red Modern, Scott Red Modern, Shaw Ancient, Stewart Black Modern, Stewart Hunting Modern, Stewart of Appin Hunting Ancient, Stewart Old Sett Ancient, Stewart Prince Charles Edward, Stewart Royal Modern, Sutherland Ancient, Sutherland Old Modern, Taylor Ancient, Thomson Hunting Ancient, Wallace Red Modern

Grommets or Sleeve

3 Grommets, Flag Pole Sleeve


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