Spike Closure Leather Sporran


Spike Closure Leather Sporran

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  • Best-selling, durable black leather Spike Closure Leather Sporran, embossed with a classic Celtic knot design
  • An eye-catching spike closure gives a punk rock touch to this practical accessory
  • Ample, secure storage with the bonus of three black leather tassel embellishments
  • Your preference between a chain strap(Comes with up to 46″ waist strap) or a sporran suspender to compliment your kilt
  • Or grab a Premium Sporran Chain Strap for a nice upgrade

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Optional Upgrade:

Basic XL Sporran Chain Strap (Fits up to 56 inch waist)

  • Fits up to about a 56-inch waist
  • Made from decent quality leather-like stuff
  • Basic chain strap that gets the job done

Looking for something nicer? Take a look at our Premium Leather Sporran Chain Straps.

Sporran Suspender - Black Leather

  • Simple and functional, our Sporran Suspender allows you to fasten your sporran directly to your kilt belt without a chain strap 
  • Crafted from good quality black leather to match a black or mixed color sporran
  • Pairs with any kilt belt (2¼ inches)
  • Fastens with an easy-on easy-off snap closure for convenience and to keep your sporran safe and secure


The Spike Closure Leather Sporran is the ideal accessory for anyone who wants a modern accent for their highland dress. This piece makes a statement whether you’re rocking out at a Celtic-infused punk show or attending a more traditional gathering. Store your belongings with confidence and enjoy yourself at the bar, on the floor – or even on stage! Decide whether you want to wear this sporran with a chain strap or a more typical sporran suspender. The chain straps come in various sizes. Embellishments like the black leather tassels, the Celtic knot embossing, and the striking spike closure offer true Celtic rock-n-roll style. 


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1 review for Spike Closure Leather Sporran

  1. Alec

    This is a nice day sporran. The spike closure is unusual and eye catching. I have no complaints about the sporran, however the sporran chain that came with it left a lot to be desired. The links pulled apart as I was putting it on for the first time. If you buy this sporran, I recommend investing in a better chain.

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