About Us

When you find something you are passionate about, your life’s work doesn’t end up being work.

At The Celtic Croft, we are passionate about all things Celtic. What started in 1995 as a way to sell bagpipes has grown into a thriving business today. We are family-owned and operated and proud of it. Because we love what we do, we don’t just sell Celtic clothing and accessories.

Our motto is “From Our Family to Yours,” and we look for ways to prove that in all we do. From our custom-made kilts and tartan to our jewelry and other handcrafted products, everything we offer is selected by us for its quality and durability.

When you support our family business, you aren’t just supporting The Celtic Croft family. The vast majority of our suppliers are family-owned businesses, from the farmers who shear the sheep to the company that dyes the wool, to the weavers and the kilt-makers. 

And when we say family business, we don’t mean only by blood.  Family is also an attitude, and a way of doing business. Many people are essential to our operations, and they are family in every sense of the word, just without the name.

We started selling Celtic gear out of our home. In 2013 we moved the business to a warehouse and showroom in town. At the end of 2023 we moved again, now working from an online-only location. (Sorry, no more showroom!) Please check out our large inventory here on the website. Let us know how we can help, “From Our Family to Yours.”


History & Family

In 1995, Joseph Croft started The Shetland Piper to sell bagpipes. What started as a specialized endeavor has grown into a thriving business that offers not only bagpipes, but also kilts and a variety of Scottish, Irish, and Welsh clothing, accessories, gifts, and more.

Things just got better when Joseph married Lorie in 2002. Joseph left his full-time job, and together, Joseph and Lorie have grown the business. They are thankful to be able to work half-days. As a bonus, they pick which twelve hours they work!

In 2004, The Shetland Piper became The Celtic Croft and what you know it as today. Joseph and Lorie have worked hard together to build The Celtic Croft into a successful family business.

Together with their seven kids, it truly is a family affair. Each of the kids has worked for The Celtic Croft in some way or another. Kaurina, the oldest, has worked full-time since 2007. Tonie and Ethan work part-time with the website, rentals, and shipping. Everyone else helps out when they can with events or in the warehouse.

Meet the Family

(Time for a new family portrait!)

Croft Family Photo, newest image
Family picture summer of 2011
Croft Family 2009
Family picture summer of 2009
Croft Family Photo 2006

This is a family picture taken the summer of 2006, on a family vacation after the Wyoming Highland Games.

Croft Family Photo 2004

This is a family picture taken the summer of 2004, in the South Dakota Badlands on our way to the Wyoming Highland Games.