Highland Accessories

If you have questions, we have answers. Many people are interested in kilts, and all things Celtic, but are unsure of the history of this famous garment. Read on for some answers to our most commonly asked questions.

No, a person doesn't need to be a clan member to wear a Celtic brooch.

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In-stock items are generally shipped the next business day and take 2-7 days with standard shipping. UPS 2nd Day and Next Day Air are also options for faster delivery.

Special-order items at the Celtic Croft take anywhere from 3-8 weeks to be made or arrive from overseas. After the items arrive from overseas, standard shipping then applies.

Yes, the Celtic Croft offers numerous custom brooches and pins. For some of these accessories, you can select which clan depiction, the metal's finish, and the stone color, respectively.

Not all pins and brooches are customizable. Please see the product descriptions to determine which products are custom orders.

The Celtic Croft proudly has a Right Fit™ Guarantee. Please check the details of this guarantee for more information on having your items tailored or exchanged.

A heavyweight jacket or vest is heavier and is more likely to last longer than lighter weight fabrics. Lightweight fabrics are typically better for creating smaller items and accessories like bow ties, while heavyweight fabrics add durability to items that need it, like a jacket or vest.

Lightweight fabric is also perfect for keeping cool in hot climates.

Traditional kilts come without pockets. Sporrans are an essential component of Celtic dress because they allow you to securely and safely carry personal items. When properly worn, the sporran will sit front and center on the kilt.

Depending on the occasion, there are three types of sporrans. For casual and daily use, opt for the day sporran. They are usually made of leather and can feature fur.

A semi-dress sporran is perfect for an event with a "smart-casual" dress code and is ideal for pairing with an Argyll outfit.

The dress sporran is best for wear at formal events and is traditional crafted from higher-quality materials.

A fly plaid is a piece of fabric made from the same tartan as the kilt. It rests over the shoulder as part of a traditional, formal kilt outfit. A fly plaid is appropriate for formal events and looks fantastic as a piece of a cohesive, Celtic outfit.

Kilt hoses come in many different colors and should match or complement the colors in the tartan of your kilt.

It is important to match your flashes to your kilt. If you want to wear solid colored flashes, match them to the color of your kilt. If you're going to wear tartan flashes, make sure they feature the same tartan as your kilt.

Most of the Celtic Croft weaponry is not sharpened but will take a good edge if you choose to sharpen them. Due to regulations, The Celtic Croft cannot sell any Celtic weaponry to anyone under the age of 18.

Contemporary style formal kilt shirts should fit like a comfortable dress shirt. Period style kilt shirts should fit comfortably and loosely.

Fly plaids should showcase the same tartan and fabric as a kilt that you plan on wearing.