The Autumn Equinox and False Fall

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The Equinox

September 22nd marks the Autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere (and Spring equinox in the southern hemisphere). We’re feeling the cooler weather already, but I’m trying not to get too invested, because I do this every year. I think fall has arrived and I take down the window A/C unit and break out my sweatshirts. A week or two later, we’re back to 80-degree weather before fall really starts in earnest.

This is a phenomenon mostly talked about in the southern U.S., but it happens here in Minnesota too. It might surprise you, but our summers are hot… hotter than they should be for a place that also hits -30 degrees in winter. The position of the state makes it an unexpected humidity magnet.

“False Fall” is the result of a cold front sweeping southward from cooler climates and bringing cool weather along with it. It feels amazing but is always too brief. The warm weather is never far behind. Since the equinox is the 22nd, real Autumn shouldn’t be far, but here are some suggestions for ways to bridge that gap:

Seasonal Cleaning

STAF5 Little Nessie Air Freshener

It seems like every season entails a cleaning. Is there no season where one can just let the grime settle, for once? I believe false fall holds the answer we’re looking for. Shut your windows. Hang up an air freshener and call it good. Push the junk back under your bed. Let the vacuuming go for one more day. Ignore the laundry pile for a little longer. It’s false fall, and I think we deserve one week to experience freedom from the oppressive cultural obligation of seasonal cleaning.

Beach Kilts

Homespun Wool Blend Phillabeg Product Image
The phillabeg (a.k.a. phille-bheagh, feilidh-beag, or “little kilt”), with Cheater Pleats™ and straps and buckles added

Nothing says “end of summer” like one last hurrah at the beach. And nothing says “beginning of fall” (in our unbiased opinion) like wearing a kilt! Soak up the last summer rays and get a Scotsman’s tan, where your body tans but your mid-knee to waist remains sun-free. Or take your kilt out on the water; just don’t machine-dry it. Kilts have lots of layers of fabric, so you might want to wear water wings for safety as well. Wearing a kilt to the beach for false fall is a good idea and nothing can go wrong*.

Have a home-harvest picnic

A person journaling outdoors while laying on a tartan blanket to reflect during Beltane.

Summer seasonal foods are on their way out, and Fall harvest foods are on their way in. Can’t find anything in season? Host a “false fall” fridge cleanout picnic. Harvest the leftovers from your fridge, pack some antacids, grab a blanket, and have a picnic like no other. Maybe some foods are a little “off”, but didn’t our ancestors survive just fine without expiration dates? The modern-day harvest is only as far as your refrigerator!

*(Celtic Croft can’t be held responsible if it does, though.)

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