Bundle Tartan and Accessories

Presentation Haggis Kit - Traditional Lamb
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  • 20 4oz. Servings
  • 6 Cans of Haggis
  • Your Choice of Our 3 Varieties
  • 1 Casing
  • Pre-cut String
  • Preparation Instructions
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Quality Pebble Grain Leather Kilt Belt

  • High-quality black leather belt; pair with a kilt or anything else that requires a belt
  • Made in Scotland by people who know a thing or two about kilt belts; pairs with any kilt belt buckle
  • Elegant pebble finish makes this belt an interesting accessory without being too flashy
  • Fastened together with comfortable velcro, this belt allows for greater adjustability; available in sizes small-XXXL

Celtic Weave Antiqued Kilt Belt Buckle

  • Fashioned with a Celtic weave knot design, one of our heritage’s most long-lasting and recognizable symbols
  • Cast in brass with an added lacquer finish
  • Compatible with all standard kilt belts (2.25 inches wide) and has a classic design that makes it appropriate to wear on any occasion
  • Measures approximately 4 inches by 3 inches
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