Stewart Dress Tartan Stocking – Homespun Wool Blend


Stewart Dress Tartan Stocking – Homespun Wool Blend


  • Available in Stewart Dress, stockings evoke a feeling of belonging and a tie to family roots during the holidays.
  • Trimmed in green satin to accent your tartan.
  • Available in Large size—decorate your mantel, hang from your banister, or use as a memorable gift bag.
  • Made by us in the USA with authentic tartan.

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Homespun Tartan Stocking

These authentic Tartan Stockings are perfect for the holiday season! Trimmed in satin or fleece, you can customize your stocking. Beautifully lined and made by us in-house with authentic tartan. Mini and Small sizes are great for smaller gifts sure to bring joy; Standard and Large sizes allow you to stuff with treats and goodies. All sizes make for a unique, memorable gift bag. 

Large: 10 inches at opening x 23 inches

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