Gray Clan Crest Pewter Cap Badge/Brooch


Gray Clan Crest Pewter Cap Badge/Brooch


  • Crest Size1-15/16 ” (45mm) W x 2-1/4″ (57mm)
  • Caste in good quality pewter
  • Available in 300+ Scottish Clans

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Your proud Scottish Clan heritage can be displayed by wearing this large Scottish Clan crest pewter badge.

Crest Size1-15/16 ” (45mm) W x 2-1/4″ (57mm) L with a high quality nickel silver one part pin back.

The cap or bonnet badge is the most ancient form of displaying your Clan affiliation. In ancient times, the chief of the Clan presented to his clansmen his crest, surrounded by a belt and buckle design, for them to wear as a symbol of their loyalty and Clan affiliation.

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