Dire Wolf Stainless Steel Ring*


Dire Wolf Stainless Steel Ring*


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Dire Wolf Stainless Steel Ring

Dire Wolves have always been attributed to fierce, ‘larger than life’ wolf-like creatures. While Dire Wolves were a bit larger than the Gray Wolf, overall they were much the same size, although heavier and stockier. Their heads were the main difference as they were much more massive, wide, and thicker with muscle than an average Gray Wolf. Fossil evidence clearly shows that Dire Wolves were real predators roaming throughout North America at one time on Earth. Role playing games have perpetuated this myth, using the name “Dire Wolf” to describe enormous, vicious wolves in several games and novels. Dire Wolves were very much real, but after dominating the ice age world for around 100,000 years, they quickly died off and were never seen alive again.

Giant wolves used in modern stories: Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, and the Narnia series.



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