OUTLANDER Billie-Style Kilted Mini-Skirt Poly/Viscose

Outlander Poly/Viscose Tartan Billie-Style Mini Skirt – 26W 12.5L

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Outlander Poly/Viscose Tartan Mini Skirt 26″ waist 12.5″ length

  • In stock special price
  • Made in Scotland
  • Poly/Viscose (wool-free) tartan
  • Official Outlander Tartan 
  • 26″ waist 12.5″ length

This beautiful, Billie mini skirt is made in Scotland from poly/viscose tartan. 

What is Poly/Viscose?

Poly is short for polyester, which is a durable, smooth, synthetic fiber. You may know viscose by the name rayon. Workers make rayon from cellulose fiber, which comes from wood and plants. In this case, the viscose is made to imitate wool. These two fibers blend together to create a durable, non-felting, non-pilling, hypoallergenic fabric that retains the same wonderful, natural aesthetics of wool.