MacDonald Modern Tartan Blanket/Throw – Poly/Viscose Wool-Free – 2.5 yards


MacDonald Modern Tartan Blanket/Throw – Poly/Viscose Wool-Free – 2.5 yards


Tartan Blanket/Throw – Poly/Viscose Wool-Free – 2.5 yards

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Tartan Blanket/Throw – Poly/Viscose Wool-Free

You will love that this Tartan Blanket consist of polyester and viscose(Rayon) because you can toss it in the washer when it gets dirty.* For this reason, it makes a great little picnic blanket. This combination of fibers also gives this blanket water resistance, fire resistance, extra absorbency without feeling wet (bring on the rain!), warmth even when wet, and felting and pilling resistance. Wear this blanket as a shawl or lap blanket while watching sheep herding demonstrations on a cold, rainy day at the fair. However, it doesn’t replace a trusty umbrella, of course. Choose from 3 sizes: 2, 2.5, and 3 yards.

  • Fabric woven in Scotland.
  • 2 inch long fringe 
  • Available in over 80 tartans
  • Sizes
    • 2 Yard (60 x 70 inches)
    • 2.5 Yard (60 x 90 inches)
    • 3 Yard (60 x 108 inches)

About the Tartan Fabric 

Poly is short for polyester, which is a durable, smooth, synthetic fiber. You may know viscose by the name rayon. Workers make rayon from cellulose fiber, which comes from wood and plants. In this case, the viscose is made to imitate wool. These two fibers blend together to create a durable, non-felting, non-pilling, hypoallergenic fabric that retains the same wonderful, natural aesthetics of wool.

* Care Instructions

  • Machine wash (preferably on a gentle cycle with cool or cold water).
  • Machine dry (preferably on a cool setting with less movement) or hang dry.
  • Wash with a wool soak or wash that contains lanolin in order to maintain the water and fire resistance. Lanolin is the natural oil from sheep’s wool (something like the oil that coats your hair after not showering for three days).

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