Kilkenny County Irish County Spring Weight Tartan Shawl

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  • The Spring Weight Tartan Shawl is made in Scotland using spring weight (8 oz) premium wool
  • Choose from 32 tartans to display your unique family history
  • This piece measures 58 inches by 58 inches—fold it in a triangle and drape over your shoulders
  • Spright weight wool is perfect for spring or summer events, keeping you comfortable without weighing you down


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Every day is a little bit better when you can display your Scottish pride! With this shawl, you can do that every day! With 32 tartans to choose from, you can wear it with anything — from jeans to a formal gown!

Made with spring weight (8 oz) premium wool, you will be able to stay cozy and warm without it feeling too heavy and weighed down. You can wear it in any number of ways. Most typically, it is worn folded into a triangle and draped over the shoulders. It’s perfect for spring or summer events.