MacGregor Modern Tartan Serape – Homespun Wool Blend

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  • Warm, cozy serape made for cool days. Also called a ruana
  • Made in the USA and measures approximately 54 inches x 70 inches
  • Choose between over 80 historical or modern tartans
  • Made with a 55/45 polyester and wool blend and homespun on an old world loom. Includes snags, pulls, and other minor flaws common to this process


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Tartan Serape – Homespun Wool Blend

This tartan serape (or ruana) is made for chilly days. Wrap up in this warm, cozy serape, which is a shawl that has a hole for your head and is split up the front. It measures approximately 54 inches  x 70 inches and is made in the USA. 

A perfect blend of practical and authentic, it is made from a 55/45 polyester and wool blend.  Choose between 80+ tartans homespun on an old-world loom to create a fabric that has the minor flaws, pulls, and snags of a historical piece. You will feel like you stepped back in time!

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