Lovers Spiral Hearts Sterling Silver Pendant

Lovers Spiral Hearts Sterling Silver Pendant

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Lovers Spiral Hearts Sterling Silver Pendant

Celtic knots are complete loops that have no start or finish and could be said to represent eternity whether this means loyalty, faith, friendship or love. Only one thread is used in each design which symbolizes how life and eternity are interconnected. These complex designs are used as decorative accompaniments to a variety of items including jewelry sets, plates, mugs, clothing and even cutlery.

This lovely pendant features our popular Celtic disk, a truly unique and meaningful design from the Art Nouveau period.
A seemingly simple design with much complicated meaning buried within!
The Celts were noted for there use of threes. The center of this piece has a Triquetra or Trinity knot entwined in an interlocking with three, there are three hearts and the central spiral design has three arms. This central spiral design is referred to as a triskele. All of these elements are united together within a circle, the pendant itself, an ancient and universal symbol of unity, wholeness, infinity, the goddess, and female power.

  • Made in Canada by Expert Celtic Jewelry Makers

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  1. Doug (verified owner)

    excellent quality

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