Retired Rental Grosgrain Flashes


Retired Rental Grosgrain Flashes


Keeps your kilt hose in place and your sgian dubh tucked tightly

Great value and high-quality for a reasonable price and made with durable grosgrain ribbon

Easy-to-use s-hook closure with elastic band and is designed to fit most legs


Retired Rental Grosgrain Flashes

Every kilted outfit needs flashes to keep your kilt hose in place, and your sgian dubh tightly secure, and our grosgrain flashes provide great value and high quality for a reasonable price! Practical and simple, they are made from a grosgrain ribbon that holds its shape well. No need to struggle with complicated knots because it has an easy-to-use s-hook closure! 

Beyond the practical, they are also fashionable. Choose between seven bright colors to match any kilt. They are designed to fit most legs, have an elastic band, and add that final flash of color to your kilted outfit.

Additional information

Weight 0.11 lbs

Black, Green, Navy Blue, Red, Royal Blue