52 Inch Black Wood-Handled Claymore – Old Display


52 Inch Black Wood-Handled Claymore – Old Display


52 Inch Black Wood-Handled Claymore – Old Display – Brown Sheath

  • This 52-inch black wood-handled claymore is the ceremonial weapon you need to adorn your Celtic outfit or to add to your collection of Celtic weaponry
  • The blade is crafted from fine-quality stainless steel with a black-lacquered wood handle and includes luxurious embellishments such as a chrome hilt and pommel
  • With a 40-inch blade and a 52-inch body overall, this claymore will sit comfortably at your side or will make elegant home decor
  • Our matching genuine leather sheath is complimentary with this claymore

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52 Inch Black Wood-Handled Claymore (Black)

There comes a time in every Celt’s life when you realize you need a ceremonial weapon. Whether this is your first Celtic weapon or you’re adding to a collection, this 52 inch black wood-handled claymore is sure to impress. With this claymore, you can trust you’re getting a bang for your buck! With a high-quality stainless steel blade, black lacquered wood handle, as well as a chrome hilt and pommel, this claymore screams luxury at a layman’s price. It also comes with a complimentary leather sheath. Its 40-inch blade is highly manageable, even for a beginner—but please don’t forget to read our weapon’s disclaimer on how to care for this weapon and to keep you safe! Whether you use this claymore to adorn an outfit or to adorn a room in your house, you’ll be more than satisfied with this elegant blade!

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