Kilt Strap Extenders – Buckle Style (Set of 3)

Kilt Strap Extenders – Buckle Style (Set of 3)

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  • Fine-quality black leather kilt strap extenders with chrome buckles come in a pack of three
  • Perfect if you’ve experienced a bit of recent “kilt shrinkage” (if you’ve gained a few pounds since the last time you put on your kilt)
  • Save money by extending the life of your kilt and avoid the stress on those too-small straps
  • Attach to any standard 1¼ inches kilt straps to add (approximately) 5 inches  to your kilt straps

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Kilt Strap Extenders — Buckle Style (Set of 3)

If your kilt is feeling a bit tighter than usual, we understand. We all experience “kilt shrinkage” from time to time. Thankfully, these quality black leather kilt extenders offer approximately five more inches of room on your kilt straps! Embellished with chrome-plated buckles, add extra space while also adding an eye-catching adornment. Keep your old kilt alive by avoiding the added stress on those too-small straps and save money at the same time! Even better for a one-time occasion than borrowing a friend’s that doesn’t fit quite right. Made in Scotland, these kilt extenders are available in a set of three. 

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6 reviews for Kilt Strap Extenders – Buckle Style (Set of 3)

  1. Gregg Cawley (verified owner)


  2. Richard (verified owner)

    A simple, unobtrusive and clever device that enables me to wear my kilt and breath and the same time!

    • Lorie Croft (store manager)

      Thank you!

  3. Douglass Allen (verified owner)

    exactly what I expected

  4. Jon (verified owner)

    Weird how my kilts started to shrink this winter. These straps got ’em back to the “correct” size again! 😁 Thank you!

  5. H. E. Barkley (verified owner)

    They do just as your said. Thanks!

  6. Barry (verified owner)

    I had purchased a Phillabeg and later wanted to add these extender straps to my kilt. The straps are nice and good quality but are not the same width as the straps on my kilt. The extenders are significantly wider. I traced the original straps onto the extender and took a razor blade to the extender so it would work.

    All in all I am very happy with my kilt and accessories

    • Joseph Croft (store manager)

      Hi Barry,
      Thanks for your comment. You’ve inspired us to add another width of strap extenders to match the 1 inch straps we use for cheater pleats. This size is is not available from our usual suppliers, so we are developing the product ourselves. Available soon!

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