5 Red Tartan Items You’ll Love!


Did you know that over five million Americans can claim Scottish heritage? If you’re part of the family, you know just how important your history is! Are you wondering how to keep your heritage alive?

Go beyond the occasional Scottish festival and introduce your culture to your everyday life! One way to do that is to show off your Celtic heritage with red tartan! Here are five red tartan items that you need in your life today!

A green and red tartan pillow and blanket set resting on a cream coloredcouch.

1. Red Tartan Pillow and Blanket

Keep warm and decorate your home with tartan accessories! Imagine the stories you can tell – and make! – curled up with a cozy set of red tartan pillows and blankets.

Your living room will look great with this colorful and significant addition! Your whole family will love it, and it makes a great gift, too!

A red tartan bento bag from the Celtic Croft with a dish filled with cookies resting on top.

2. Red Tartan Bento Bag

Are you looking for a piece of culture to take with you on the go? You can replace your disposable lunch bags with a charming tartan bento bag and take a little Scotland with you everywhere. 

You can use a bento bag for much more than carrying your lunch! Use it as a reusable shopping bag or even to wrap Scottish gifts. It’s an eco-friendly way to meet your day-to-day needs while keeping your culture close.

Rose Red Modern 5 Yard Light Weight Premium Wool Casual Kilt from the Celtic Croft and made with red tartan.

3. Lightweight Red Tartan Kilt

No one will be able to mistake your heritage when you’re wearing a stylish tartan kilt. Lightweight Scottish kilts are comfortable even in warm weather, and they are perfect for everyday casual wear.

Of course, you can dress up your kilts with other Scottish accessories for a stunning formal look, as well! This versatile garment will be a welcome addition to your closet.

A red tartan dog collar from the Celtic Croft store.

4. Red Tartan Dog Collar

Your dog is part of your family, too! Bring them in on your culture with a tartan dog collar and leash. You can get them custom-made to fit your dog and add on useful features as well. 

This is the perfect opportunity to match with your pup! Go out together with your Scottish pride broadcasted loud and clear.

A tartan tam and shawl from the Celtic Croft. This set can come in various red tartans

5. Red Tartan Tam and Shawl

Stay warm all winter with a matching tam and shawl. This Celtic set will look great with any outfit, and it’s the perfect conversation starter! Whatever the occasion, you’ll be dressed in your best!

A tam is a great way to pay tribute to your cultural history, especially if it’s designed with authenticity in mind. And don’t worry about the fit: the tam is equipped with a drawstring that will keep it secure no matter what size you need.


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Shop Red Tartan Today!

Your heritage is an integral part of who you are and something to display with pride! Start shopping today to surround yourself with stylish and useful red tartan items. It’s a great way to stay connected to your roots and keep learning about your personal history!

You can find many more awesome red tartan products alongside other Celtic items on the Celtic Croft website! Show off your Celtic pride now!

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