Celtic History In the News — November 2019

Celtic History and Archaeology In the News

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Pictish carved beasts ‘unlike anything found before

A 1,200-year-old standing stone discovered in the Highlands has carvings never before seen on a Pictish stone, archaeologists have said.

Havering Hoard: Weapons found on building site to go on show

Ancient weapons discovered on a building site will go on display at the Museum of London Docklands. The group of 453 artefacts found in Havering, east London, is the third largest ever discovered in the UK.

North Uist Iron Age site damage investigated by police

Police are investigating a reported unauthorised excavation at an Iron Age site in the Western Isles.

Survey Offers Clues to Ireland’s Neolithic Landscape

A geographic information system survey of the section of the River Boyne that runs through the Brú na Bóinne World Heritage Site has revealed anomalies that may be log boats or large boulders associated with the construction of passage tombs some 5,000 years ago.

The Picts: How their mysterious world is being illuminated like never before

a leading archaeologist has hailed a ‘golden spell’ in new discoveries about the Picts, with their everyday world now illuminated like never before given a string of breakthrough finds.

Unearthed beneath our feet: Archaeologists make astonishing discoveries in Northern Ireland

A series of tanning pits has been found buried beneath Belfast city centre by an archaeology team commissioned by developers embarking on the Royal Exchange development around North Street and Donegall Street.

Research sheds new light on 12th century graffiti

It was described as “the find of a lifetime”, and now research has shed new light on 12th century ‘graffiti’ art discovered in an archaeological dig in Dublin almost two years ago.The carved slate, depicting a warrior-like figure on a four-legged animal, was uncovered during excavations in The Coombe in January 2018.

Archaeologists Unearth Hollowed-Out Whale Vertebra Containing Human Jawbone, Remains of Newborn Lambs

Iron Age Scots made the unusual vessel with the bone of a fin whale, Earth’s second largest whale species.

Human remains found behind a house in Scotland are thought to point to a grisly chapter in human history.

Experts believe multiple corpses were buried there by 19th Century med students after cutting them apart to practice surgery.

Galloway Hoard’s Anglo-Saxon ‘owner’ identified?

Further investigation into the contents of one of the most significant Viking-Age hoards found in Scotland has revealed a man’s name etched onto one of the objects.

Archaeologists Find Shot Glass Shards, Anti-Witch Carving at Centuries-Old Scottish Pub

At the time of its construction, the Wilkhouse Inn was considered a “statement of modernity and affluence”

Climate change endangers Scotland’s archaeological treasures

Ancient British structures older than the pyramids are being threatened by climate change, experts have warned, as rising sea levels, heavier rainfall and severe weather events endanger Scotland’s archaeological treasures.

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