What’s Under The Kilt? Top 10 T-Shirt


What’s Under The Kilt? Top 10 T-Shirt

(11 customer reviews)


  • What’s Under The Kilt? This Top 10 T-Shirt answers the question everyone who has ever worn a kilt gets asked on a regular basis
  • The t-shirt made in the USA from 100% pre-shrunk cotton for a soft feel
  • A little bit of wit, sarcasm, and naughty just like most Celts
  • Available while supplies last


What’s Under The Kilt? Top 10 T-Shirt

If you’ve worn one, you know. The question posed on this What’s Under The Kilt? Top 10 T-Shirt has been asked of anyone who has worn a kilt. Most people have a favorite reply ready, but how about ten responses? As with most Celts, the answers are funny, witty, sarcastic, and a bit naughty. It was unavoidable! We tried to keep it clean…

  1. My socks and my shoes
  2. Nothing is worn, everything is in perfect working order
  3. My furry pouch. Oh wait, that’s on top
  4. A very fine set of accessories
  5. My used beer dispenser
  6. Good girls don’t ask, bad girls find out.
  7. My Claymore, and it’s in need of a good polishing…
  8. Lipstick when I’m lucky
  9. If you’re brave enough to ask, you’re brave enough to find out.
  10. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!

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11 reviews for What’s Under The Kilt? Top 10 T-Shirt

  1. Mike Skaggs (verified owner)

    I got my shirt a couple of days ago, and I love it. It will be even better when I wear it with my kilt. Thanks, Steve

  2. Steve

    I learnt some new responses… now how about a shirt that answers the next question “where are the bagpipes?”

  3. Beverly

    Got the T-Shirt for my husband. He LOVED it! Nuff said!

  4. Dale L

    This shirt got a lot of attention especially when I was in my kilt. My friends who have kilts now want to get one.

  5. worth

    a good joke

  6. Cindy

    Love the shirt…to finally give my boys a way to answer this question without being rude is wonderful!

  7. David C

    My wife thinks it’s in really poor taste. The boys in the band love it. Verdict? It’s now my favorite T shirt

  8. Catherine B

    I’m happy with the shirt. Looking forward to seeing the response at the next event!

  9. R. Schultz

    True to size. Good quality. My fiancee loved it!

  10. M. Jung

    We were in stitches when this shirt came in. Nice heavy cotton.

  11. Zack Douglas

    This shirt will get you plenty of attention at he pub or the next festival, definately best when worn with a kilt.

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