CD – James Keane

CD – James Keane


Songs of Scotland, Ireland, and early America

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CD – James Keane – With Friends Like These

Garry O’Brian

Tommy Peoples

Paddy Glackin

Matt Molly

Liam O’Flynn

Keven Conneff

Track List: 

  1. Return to Camentown / Miss Thirton’s / The Repeal of the Union
  2. Trip to Killavil / The Lifting Banshee / The Collier’s Jig
  3. Morning Mist
  4. Mary McMahon’s / Thady Casey Fancy / Lady Cordon
  5. Black is the Color of My True Lover’s Hair / Sean Reid’s
  6. The Church Street Polkas / Hugo’s Polka
  7. The Hunters Purse / The Flowing  Bowl / Tilly Finns
  8. Lavalla
  9. Strike the Gay Harp / Tell Her I am / Paidin O’Raifeartaight
  10. The Turnpike Gate / The Killavil Fancybowl / Tilly Finn’s
  11. Na Connery’s
  12. Within a Mile of Dublin / The Green Gates / Lucy Campbell’s
  13. The Rights if Man / The Golden Eagle
  14. Paddy Taylor’s / The First Month  of Summer / Sporting Molly
  15. Miss McDermott’s

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The Celtic Croft has a wide selection of Scottish, Irish, and Celtic music CDs. We’re discontinuing many of them, so get one while it lasts! The way we listen to music has changed greatly within the past 20 years. Music streaming not only had a huge negative impact on professional musicians in the earlier years of music pirating, it continues to make it difficult for musicians to make a living. Even though free streaming apps pay artists, they often get only a fraction of a penny for each listen. By purchasing one of our CDs, you directly support your favorite Celtic, Scottish, and Irish musicians. 


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