Down by the Sally Gardens


Down by the Sally Gardens


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Down by the Sally Gardens

A sequel to Magic Carpet Ride !
by Audrey McClellan

Audrey is back at home in this steamy Minneapolis romance. Her superb storytelling continues to delight!

What would you do if you won ninety-two million dollars and change in the lottery? Buy a new wardrobe? Buy a car? Buy a house? Have a makeover? Quit your job?

Wylie Kennerly happily tries all those ideas, but hits a romantic stalemate when she falls in love with Edward Jones, a passionate poet who doesn™t want to be collected by a rich woman.

Should she give away all her money to win her poet™s love?

Featuring the return of the Mad Scots and gay interior designers Scotty and Oliver. Introducing Norah and Mickey Casey, Wylie™s housekeeping couple, who are sort of Irish, and Precious, the world™s ugliest cat.

From the author:
Writing this book fulfilled my fantasy of winning the lottery. It was great fun helping Wylie spend her winnings, especially on the makeover!

Softcover, 282 pages. Each book is personally signed by the author!

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