6 Yard Outlander Tartan Ancient Kilt – Homespun Wool Blend


6 Yard Outlander Tartan Ancient Kilt – Homespun Wool Blend


  • Braveheart-style traditional kilt made in-house from 6 yards of homespun tartan.
  • Woven by hand with a quality 55/45 blend of polyester and wool on old-world looms for an authentic look
  • Single-width fabric is lightweight and practical for warm-weather wear

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This homespun ancient kilt is everything you could ask for.  It’s the same style kilt worn in the movie Braveheart! It’s customizable, traditional, practical, and affordable! Perfect for weddings, Renaissance festivals, or Highland games, these kilts also make great gifts for the Celtic lovers in your life.

Comfortable for outdoor, warm-weather wear, these kilts are made from homespun tartan to produce a classic, authentic look. 

Cheater Pleats™

We include pleating instructions with each kilt. Traditionally, one pleats these kilts each time you wear them.

Note — Kiltmakers generally pleat modern kilts so that the front apron of the kilt closes from left to right. For years this is how we’ve Cheater Pleated™ our Ancient Kilts. However, many customers brought it to our attention that this makes it difficult to wear the plaid over the left shoulder, which is also customary.
So, we’ve decided to make all Ancient Kilts the other way — front apron closing from right to left. This makes the aprons “backwards” compared to a modern kilt, but it allows the plaid to flow up and over the left shoulder. (This is the way Mel wears it in the Braveheart movie.)

Incidentally, plaid over left shoulder is not a hard and fast rule. It most likely originated as a practical way to keep the plaid off your sword arm. You might want to wear the plaid over your right shoulder, if you are left-handed.


  • 6-yard Ancient Kilt fits up to about a 38-inch waist.
  • 8-yard Ancient Kilt fits up to about a 48-inch waist.
  • 10-yard Ancient Kilt fits up to about a 54-inch waist.

Depending on waist size, pleats will vary between one and two inches wide (pleats will get wider as waist size increases). 

How to measure for your Ancient Kilt

  1. Have someone help you. If you bend even a little while trying to do it yourself, the measurements will change.
  2. Kilt Waist: Measure the waist size at your actual waist, where you usually wear your pants.
  3. Kilt Length: Measure the length from your waist to about the middle of the knee.

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