Scotch Whisky – All You Need To Know

Scotch Whisky – All You Need To Know


  • Scotch Whisky—All You Need To Know. If you love Scotch Whisky, you absolutely need this comprehensive guide
  • Hundreds of vivid full-color images to whet your appetite for Scotch (as if your appetite needs any whetting)
  • Ever wanted to tour a distillery? This guide features hundreds of pictures and articles of the top distilleries and more
  • Learn the truth behind the legends. From the origins of Scotch to the smugglers that risked their lives, to the shipwreck of the S/S Politician (AKA the Whisky Galore)

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Scotch Whisky – All You Need To Know

What’s better than a dram (a wee bit) of Scotch to warm the insides? Why, three fingers of Scotch, of course. Short a rock tumbler of Scotch in your hand, this lovely tome, Scotch Whisky – All You Need To Know, is a close second. Hundreds of stunning full-color images bring the highlands alive. Learn the origins of Scotch whisky and tour a distillery. Re-live the dangers faced by smugglers who risked life and limb to deliver their illicit cargo. Learn the true story of the 1941 sinking of the “Whisky Galore” and what happened to the 250,000 bottles of whiskey onboard. Hours of pleasure and intrigue await when you pick up your copy of Scotch Whisky – All You Need To Know. 

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