OUTLANDER Inspired Fleece Scots Bonnet


OUTLANDER Inspired Fleece Scots Bonnet


  • Inspired by the Scots Bonnets, or Tam O’Shanter, worn in the hit show Outlander: The Series and those worn by Scottish workmen in the 16th century 
  • One size fits all with a drawstring
  • Light Brown Color
  • Made of 100% synthetic, water-resistant fleece; soft, comfortable, and feels like premium wool

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OUTLANDER Inspired Fleece Scots Bonnet

Inspired by the hats traditionally worn by Scotsmen in the 16th to 18th centuries and on the hit show Outlander: The Series, this Scots Bonnet is sure to complement any tartan. Choose between three rustic colors: Dark Brown, Light Brown, and Highland Grey. This Scots Bonnet is made of 100% synthetic, water-resistant fleece. It is so soft and comfortable that it feels like it is made from premium wool.  

Scots Bonnets, or Tam O’Shanters, were an integral part of a Scotsman’s attire. Wear this piece of history, complete any Highlander outfit, and pay homage to your heritage.

The Blue Bonnets of 16th Century Scotland

We make our Scots Bonnets similar to those worn in OUTLANDER, but also like the blue bonnets worn by Scottish workmen and farmers in the 16th century, specifically in the Lowlands. The popularity of this hat spread into the Highlands by 1700. At this time, people knew Highlanders by the thick, blue or grey, wool bonnets they wore. In the 18th century, the Scots Bonnet was the main item of clothing used to identify a Scotsman, even more so than tartan. That makes our OUTLANDER Inspired Scots Bonnet just as important for you to wear as our kilts!

The blue bonnet was popular during the time period that OUTLANDER is set in, so this hat likely inspired the Scots bonnets worn in OUTLANDER.  They are larger than the balmorals, and Kilmarnock bonnets that became popular in later centuries. 

This blue bonnet was also associated with Jacobitism, therefore, our Scots Bonnet (especially in Midnight Blue) is perfect to wear in combination with our Premium Jacobite Shirt, and Jacobite Lowlander Reiver Sporran. There is even a whole Jacobite song called “Blue Bonnets Over the Border”, written down by Sir Walter Scott. 

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