Merrilees Dress Modern 4in Rosette – Light Weight Premium Wool

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Our lightweight premium wool tartan rosettes are a fun and versatile way to add a splash of tartan to your everyday life. You can wear it on its own or pin a brooch to it and pin it anywhere.  Choose between 4 inch or 5 inch diameter —either is the right size to pair with a brooch.  

Our rosettes are made in the USA from 11 oz premium wool and include a pin back. Choose between hundreds of tartans that are woven in Scotland. 

  • With our American-made Light Weight Premium Wool Tartan Rosettes, you can choose from hundreds of tartans woven in Scotland.
  • Choose between 4 inch or 5 inch diameter. Rosettes come with a pin back.
  • Our rosettes are made with 11 oz lightweight premium wool. Wear on its own or pair with a brooch.