Celtic Iona Galley Pewter Pendant

Celtic Iona Galley Pewter Pendant



Celtic Iona Galley Pewter Pendant

This design is one of the famous Iona Galleys designs that were made on the Holy Isle of Iona by Alexander Ritchie and his apprentices.

Alexander Ritchie, official Guide and Custodian. He was also a skilled craftsman – and at the heart of IONA illuminated lies the same vision that this man held. The island has long been a sacred place of pilgrimage, but it was also a source of inspiration for several 20th century artists, designers and silversmiths, all passionate about Iona’s early traditions of exquisite metalwork, intricate stone carving and marvelously illuminated manuscripts.

  • Made in Canada by Expert Celtic Jewelry and Accessory Makers


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