The Woman who loved Newfoundland


The Woman who loved Newfoundland


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The Woman who loved Newfoundland

by Audrey McClellan,

Newfoundland. New-fun-land. Ever since she confused the two in fifth grade, Cleo English has wanted to visit the Canadian province known as the Rock. Now a twenty-nine year old teacher, she’s off to spend her summer looking for some “new fun” in the Rock’s Last Man Ashore Cove.  Seductive B and B owner Max Avalon is more than ready to provide fun both new and old, when he’s not dealing with mice in the kitchen, demanding guests, a combative Spanish housekeeper , and eccentric fellow Newfoundlanders.

But Cleo, still traumatized by her husband’s death three years ago, has an epiphany: are verbal sparring matches and madcap sex really all she’s looking for? Or does she want more than just a summer fling with the gorgeous Mr. Avalon.

Sexy, funny and surprising, The Woman Who Loved Newfoundland is the story of a woman coming to terms with her past and creating a blueprint for her future.

Softcover, 230 pages. Personally signed by the author.

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