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Welsh Gaelic Intermediate World Talk

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Welsh Gaelic Intermediate World Talk

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Learn to speak Welsh Gaelic! It’s easy to be fazed when you start a conversation in Welsh Gaelic and the person you™re talking to replies using lots of words that you haven™t learned yet. World Talk prepares you for these real-life situations with addictive listening games. It will teach you to recognise key words in everyday situations and broaden your vocabulary.

Though you’ve probably never heard of these guys before, this is actually the world’s best selling language learning software for beginners! There’s probably better programs out there, but you will pay 10 times more for them.

This versatile software CD-ROM installs on any Windows PC or Mac (OS 10.3.9 or higher). It even has files you can transfer to your iPod for language learning on the go!

What will I learn?

Simply, to keep on listening. When a word comes up that we don™t recognise, we often stop listening because we™re focusing on that one word and nothing else. This program lets you grasp the gist of what someone™s saying without getting hung up on the words you don™t understand.

You will develop your practical knowledge of Welsh Gaelic. There are 10 different games covering numbers, conversations, descriptions, sentence building, directions and dictation practice. These activities cover a wide range of subjects and give you important practical skills that you can use immediately.

Will it work for me?

If your Welsh Gaelic is good enough to follow basic conversations, but you still need to practice, World Talk is for you.

Everything you™ll hear in the program is in Welsh Gaelic, but you don™t need to know every word before you start. Listen for key words that you already know, then pick up new words in the same way you would when talking to a native speaker.

How does it work?

Play interactive language games and earn points for every game you play. High scorers can go on to win bronze, silver and gold awards, which you can print out as a record of achievement.

Speak and write in Welsh Gaelic. Record yourself and compare your pronunciation with a native speaker, then test your written Welsh Gaelic with four dictation exercises.

You™ll start to think in Welsh Gaelic! World Talk is an €˜immersive™ experience: in this program you will only hear Welsh Gaelic. You™ll learn to associate the language with memorable images — not just the equivalent words in your own language. This means you™ll start thinking in Welsh Gaelic, which will make you quicker at understanding and recalling words.

Visiting Wales

The Welsh Language Board indicated in 2004 that 611,000 people (21.7% of the population of Wales in households or communal establishments) were able to speak Welsh. This figure marks a 0.9 percentage point increase when compared with a figure of 20.8% from the 2001 census, and an increase of approximately 35,000 in absolute numbers within Wales. Welsh is therefore a growing language within Wales. Of those 611,000 Welsh speakers, 57% (315,000) considered themselves fluent, and 78% (477,000) consider themselves fluent or “fair” speakers. 62% of speakers (340,000) claimed to speak the language daily, including 88% of fluent speakers.

Historically, large numbers of Welsh people spoke only Welsh. Today Welsh-only speakers are virtually non-existent, except among mother tongue speakers below school age, and a small numbers of elderly people in traditional Welsh speaking regions. Almost without exception, Welsh speakers in Wales also speak English. However, many first language Welsh speakers are more comfortable expressing themselves in Welsh than in English. A speaker’s choice of language can vary according to the subject domain and the social context, even within a single discourse.

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  1. Sandyb

    seems to be a good program but could use a more detailed booklet with instructions. Have not been able to try the games but think they will help me to learn faster.

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