MacBeth Modern Tartan 4 Yard Earasaid – Poly/Viscose Wool Free


MacBeth Modern Tartan 4 Yard Earasaid – Poly/Viscose Wool Free


  • The perfect compliment to any period costume
  • Pleating instructions are included
  • Woven in Scotland – Made in the U.S.A.
  • MacBeth Modern Tartan 4 Yard Earasaid

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Poly/Viscose (Wool Free) Earasaid

The earasaid (aka erasaid or arisaid) is essentially the women’s version of the greatkilt. Worn over an under-dress, the earasaid can be very versatile. It can be worn long or short, for warmth or for style. The perfect compliment to any period costume. Pleating instructions are included with each earasaid.

We make these earasaids from light weight (10/11 oz.) poly/viscose tartan, woven from a 65/35 blend of polyester and viscose. Whether you are allergic to wool, or just want a great looking tartan for less, a poly/viscose synthetic blend earasaid is a great way to go! Hard wearing, washable, and cool to wear, to the untrained eye it is nearly indistinguishable from expensive 100% wool tartan. While the weave is not as authentic as Homespun tartan, many people appreciate the crisp look of the modern tartan fabrics in a an earasaid. With about about 60 tartans available to choose from, it’s the most affordable option for many tartans.

NOTE: (most) poly/viscose tartans are not woven with a kilting selvage, so the bottom edge of the earasaid will (probably) be hemmed, and the top edge will be fringed. Approximately 58 inches finished width.

The earasaid has less fabric in it than a great kilt. Why? Because the earasaid generally doesn’t wrap completely around the front like a greatkilt, and it has less pleats. An earasaid usually has just a few large pleats in the back ? sometimes even just bunched-up instead of pleated. I say “generally” and “usually” because the earasaid is so very versatile ? you can wear it however you want.


Pleating instructions are included. Because it’s so versatile, we would encourage you to pleat it yourself each time you wear it. That way you can change the length and style or number of pleats any time you want to. 

What is Poly/Viscose?

Poly is short for polyester, which is a durable, smooth, synthetic fiber. You may know viscose by the name rayon. Workers make rayon from cellulose fiber, which comes from wood and plants. In this case, the viscose is made to imitate wool. These two fibers blend together to create a durable, non-felting, non-pilling, hypoallergenic fabric that retains the same wonderful, natural aesthetics of wool.

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