Stahly Traditional Haggis

Stahly Traditional Haggis

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  • Made in the USA, our Hardcore Haggis is a traditional Scottish lamb dish with made-in-Scotland authentic flavor
  • A genuine, classic flavor variety that true aficionados will appreciate 
  • This 15 oz. can bring the Highlands to your table, whether it’s for a hearty breakfast or Burns’ Night celebration with friends
  • Traditional Lamb Haggis, perfect for any occasion

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If you’re a haggis enthusiast (and who isn’t?), you need this Scottish culinary classic shipped right to your door. Serve this 15 oz. of authentic Highland goodness as a complement to your Burns Supper table or as a centerpiece to a cozy Saturday morning bricfeasta (breakfast) with fried potatoes. Our Hardcore Haggis is made in the USA with a commitment to made-in-Scotland authenticity, meaning no true Scotsman could tell the difference. Also available in a case of 12, so invite the whole clan!

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15 reviews for Stahly Traditional Haggis

  1. Bob Reed (verified owner)

    Great! other suppliers were out of the haggis, but you always have some in stock…

  2. PeteyD (verified owner)

    But this is surprisingly good stuff! I could see eating at least a can a week.

  3. John & Sherry G (verified owner)

    Haggis for everyone! We have had all three varieties of your haggis as we wanted to compare them with one another. All were good but we prefer the “Hardcore”. We love it because it’s just as good as that which we enjoyed in Scotland.

  4. William & Susan (verified owner)

    Dee-lishus! Just like we had in Scotland.

  5. Bill

    First time haggis eater! Will not be the last! Had with scrambled eggs but looking forward to trying new recipes.
    A little pricy but I’ll get 3-4 servings a can.

  6. Steve Bookout

    Unless you’re making it yourself, for my taste, I find that in America, haggis doesn’t get any better than Stahly’s.

  7. Shelby1314

    Pretty good I have to say. Used half a can to make the pasties with and then scrambled up the rest with eggs, onions and potatoes. Maybe that’s not traditional but it was a great combination of flavors. The nutmeg really shines thru and goes well with the lamb. Thanks for having this available.

  8. Brian

    Very impressed. Never had hagis from a can before. Not bad.

  9. Ed S.

    I had my doubts about haggis from a can. But I have to say that this was delicious! I’d recommend it to anyone who loves haggis or even just wants to try it and is feeling adventurous.

  10. Richard

    My uncle (departed) from scotland use to make it like this when I was younger and he came to visit.
    fond memeries of uncle Wallie

  11. Reed C

    Did I die and go to Scottland?? This is as good as Grants!!!!

  12. Chris

    I was a little hesitant to try this. I started with the beef recipe as a way to ease into eating haggis. Now that I have tried the more traditional haggis, I’ll never go back. The flavor is so much more enjoyable. I’ll definitely be ordering more of this soon.

  13. Ian S

    I bought two cans and the perfect amount for four expats to enjoy the best little Burns night gathering.

  14. Kathryn S

    was a gift – and he was exceptionally pleased; as he is Scottish, and ‘knows’ Haggis! I was thrilled to know that it met with his approval- thank you for your prompt service too. I also purchased the chips for him – will let you know when I hear about them.

  15. Boyd M.

    Best I have ever tasted from a can. Will be coming back for more and more!

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