Bronze Stag Kilt Accessories Bundle

Bronze Stag Kilt Accessories Bundle

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Bronze Stag Kilt Accessories Bundle

With this bundle, you get all of our new Bronze Stag items at a discount price!

Kilt Belt Buckle –

If you need a new kilt belt buckle for yourself or a friend, look no further! This kilt belt buckle is sure to make a statement at your next Renaissance fair or other events. Stylish and affordable, you can use this belt buckle to complement any casual or traditional outfit to add a Celtic flair. 

With its quality craftsmanship straight from Scotland and detailed, intricate Celtic knot and stag head design, you’re sure to be impressed, as our other customers are too! This belt buckle is designed to fit all standard kilt belts at 2¼ inches wide, and they make great gifts for weddings, holidays, or special events too!

  • Well-made pewter with bronze finish kilt belt buckle crafted directly in Scotland
  • Features a beautiful and traditional stag head and Celtic knot design
  • Perfect for use with any kilt or non-kilt outfit
  • Measures approximately 3.4 inches x 2.6 inches and is solid but lightweight

Kilt Pin –

If you’ve ever worn a kilt on a windy day, you know how vital a kilt pin is! Now you can keep your kilt in place with an authentic kilt pin made in Scotland from lead-free pewter! You don’t need a kilt to enjoy these pins either—you can add them to a backpack, purse, or any other item to add a bit of Celtic to any outfit! 

Specifically designed to remain sturdy and not bend, you don’t have to worry about this kilt pin giving up on you. With its beautiful stag head design, it’s a perfect way to display love and respect for Celtic history and culture in a subtle, fashionable way!

  • Well-made 3.5-inch kilt pin featuring a stag’s head design
  • Made in Scotland from solid, lead-free pewter with a bronze finish
  • Specifically designed to remain sturdy and not bend for long-lasting wear

Sporran –

When you think about Scotland, your imagination likely conjures romantic images of broad valleys, craggy peaks, and shaggy “heeland coos.” Excuse our accent – we meant highland cows. The Scottish Stag Premium Musquash Fur Sporran pays tribute to two emblematic Hibernian animals. Real Musquash fur accents and an ornate stag embellishment creates a stately, pastoral complement to your highland dress ensemble. We pride ourselves on authenticity at the Celtic Croft, and we know our customers do, too. That’s why this sporran comes right from the source; that’s right, it’s made in Scotland. Customize this item to your preference with a chain strap or sporran suspender.

  • Premium black leather on the Bronze Scottish Stag Premium Musquash Fur Sporran adds a durable elegance to this handsome accessory
  • Made in Scotland, the detailed bronze stag on the front confers a rustic authenticity
  • High-quality Musquash fur on thick heavy-weight leather
  • Due to the genuine quality of the fur accents, the colors vary, meaning each sporran is unique

Kilt Belt – 

This beautiful, detailed belt made in Scotland is sturdy and durable, made from quality leather for long-term or everyday use! With its deeply embossed Celtic knot design, this belt is the perfect companion to your Clan Crest belt buckle or one of our Celtic buckles!

Whether you’re buying for yourself or as a gift, with its velcro closure and a large range of sizes from 29 to 57-inch waists, you’re sure to find a perfect fit. Now you can show your Scottish pride in every aspect of your outfit, and you won’t feel out of place for traditional, formal, or casual wear!

  • Kilt belt made in Scotland with quality brown leather
  • Features a deeply embossed Celtic knot design
  • Measures 2¼  inches wide to fit any kilt and buckle, with velcro closure for your comfort and adjustability
  • Available in sizes Small – 3X to accommodate every size


1 review for Bronze Stag Kilt Accessories Bundle

  1. Penny Finuf (verified owner)

    This is such a beautiful and we’ll-made accessories set. My husband was so shocked that I got it for him, but it’s his turn to get a fancy gift. Actually, it’s for our anniversary and Christmas, but I couldn’t wait till December to give it to him, now could I? We ordered the belt too small, but no problem. It’s on its way back for exchange. Celtic Croft is so helpful and easy to deal with. Thanks, Steve. We love you guys.

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