Amethyst Thistle Kilt Pin

Amethyst Thistle Kilt Pin


  • Made from solid rhodium-plated pewter with an elegant amethyst stone for an eye-catching embellishment for most tartans. 
  • At just 3.5 inches, keep everything in place and do it in style. 
  • Made in Scotland, but almost always in-stock—that means quick and easy shipping.
  • The thistle was Scotland’s first national flower and is a significant symbol in Celtic military history—wear the significance and strength of this flower on your kilt!

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Amethyst Thistle Kilt Pin

In Celtic mythology, a field of thistles kept Scots safe during a nighttime ambush from Norse attackers when they trod on the field in bare feet, waking the Scots with their cries. No wonder the thistle became Scotland’s first national flower! Adorned with a beautiful purple gemstone, this Amethyst Thistle Kilt Pin bears the sense of Celtic strength and victory. Keep your kilt together, even on the windiest day. Measuring approximately 3.5 inches, this kilt pin is made of solid rhodium-plated pewter, so it’s stronger than it looks! These pins are made in Scotland, so you know it’s the real deal— but we almost always have them in stock for your convenience. Wear all of that history on your kilt with one of these pins!

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