Irish Family Crest Kilt Pin

Irish Family Crest Kilt Pin

(12 customer reviews)


  • Adorn almost any outfit with the Irish Family Crest Kilt Pin, available in high-quality, lead-free, antiqued pewter 

  • A sturdy piece, made in Scotland with a dedication to genuine craftsmanship; unlikely to bend

  • Measuring 3.5 inches, choose from over 50 family names for an ideal gift 

  • This heirloom-quality piece is available in matching cap badges/brooches

Most in stock, but if out of stock, may take up to 8 weeks for delivery.


Irish Family Crest Kilt Pin (or Brooch)

“A family of Irish birth will argue and fight, but let a shout come from without, and see them all unite.” The Irish Family Crest Kilt Pin, available in over 50 family names, and will be an instant heirloom. 3.5 inches of high-quality, lead-free antiqued pewter, made in Scotland for authentic craftsmanship. This sturdy piece is unlikely to bend. Buy one for yourself or give it as a gift! It’s available in matching cap badges and brooches so that the whole family can match. With this Family Crest Kilt Pin, show your family how much you care. But it doesn’t stop there. Show the world how much family matters to you. 

Most in stock, but if out of stock, may take up to 8 weeks for delivery.


Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs
Irish Coat of Arms

Brennan (O'Braonain), Brown(e) (de Brun), Burke (de Burca), Byrne (O'Broin), Caroll (O'Cearbhaill), Collins (O'Coileain), Connolly (O'Conghaile), Daly (O'Dalaigh), Do(c)herty (O'Dochartaigh), Doyle (O'Dubhghaill), Duffy (O'Dubhthaigh), Dunne (O'Duinn), Flynn (O'Floinn), Fox (O'Sionnaigh), Gallagher (O'Gallchobhair), Hughes (O'hAodha), Joyce (Seoigh), Kavanagh (Caomhanach), Kennedy (O'Cinneide), Lynch (de Lench), Maguire (McUidhir), Martin (O'Martain), McCarthy (McCarthaigh), McDermot (McDiarmada), McDonnell (McDomhnaill), McGillcuddy (Mc Giolla Chuda), McLoughlin (McLochlainn), McSweeney (McSuibhne), Moore (O'Mordha), Murphy (O'Murchadha), Nolan (O'Nuallain), O'Brien (O'Briain), O'Callaghan (O'Ceallachain), O'Connell (O'Conaill), O'Conor (O'Conchobhair), O'Donnell (O'Domhnaill), O'Donoghue (O'Donnchadha), O'Donovan (O'Donnabhain), O'Grady (O'Graidaigh), O'Kelly (O'Ceallaigh), O'Long (O'Longain), O'Mahony (O'Mathghamhna), O'Neill (O'Néill), O'Rourke (O'Ruairc), O'Sullivan (O'Suileabhain), O'Toole (O'Tuathail), Quinn (O'Cuinn), Reilly (O'Raghailligh), Ryan (O'Maoilrian), Walsh (Breathnach)

12 reviews for Irish Family Crest Kilt Pin

  1. Deklan Daily (verified owner)

    Very sturdy. I love that it’s not the pewter metal. It looks amazing on my Westmeath kilt.

  2. Christopher Towle (verified owner)

    They look great! Well worth the extra wait.

  3. N. Lynch

    Thanks again

  4. Gary N

    Great product. I wore it proudly to the Annapolis Irish Festival, and will wear it to any Irish Festival (and the Irish weekend of the MD Renaissance Festival).

  5. Art n

    I have been looking for a heavy duty Kilt pin that Scottish because I am Irish and there it was I am glad to be a customer

  6. Kevin

    Very nice addition to my kilt ensemble. Excellent detail for the size!

  7. tw

    This Kilt Pin was an Irish family crest. It was a gift for my son who is going to Scotland for a wedding. He will have the only Irish family crest pin! Thanks for offering such a special pin.

  8. BJ

    I was surprised to find a pin with the Dunne family crest. It is a birthday gift for my husband whose family is Dunne and O’Shea.

  9. Ashley

    I bought it as a yule gift for my dad. I was surprise to find a kilt pin in the Walsh family name. I hope he loves it and it’s beautiful.

  10. John O

    Beautuful Detail. Great Pin. Well worth the price for the quality and beauty.

  11. Cyndi

    Love this kilt pin! I bought this as a gift for my brother for his surprise 50th birthday party to go with a kilt I also got him (while he and my husband were drinking at the Celticfest in Bethlehem PA last year I convinced them to wear kilts there this year) and he was very surprised that I found a Mac Sweeney pin honoring my mother’s maiden name. I ordered it last minute and received just in time for the party..the quality is exceptional!

  12. walsh

    to protect the king

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