Classic Leather Sporran

Classic Leather Sporran


  • Affordable and functional sporran; the perfect place to store your keys, wallet, and phone
  • Made with black leather and adorned with three tassels
  • Lightweight and great for sports; don’t get weighed down running with a heavy sporran
  • Choose between a chain strap and suspender for the right look for you
  • (See our Premium Leather Sporran Chain Strap for a nice upgrade option)

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Classic Leather Sporran

Whether you are complementing your first kilt or want to be active, this Basic Leather Sporran is an affordable and functional option. This simple leather sporran is adorned with three black leather tassels, making it a timeless and classic piece. Our most affordable sporran, it is the perfect place to store your flask, wallet, and phone. 

Since it is lightweight and simple, this is the perfect piece for active occasions. Thanks to this basic leather sporran, you will never have to compromise between a complete Celtic look and practicality. Customize it to your preferences by choosing between a chain strap and suspender.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 10.125 × 7.125 × 5 in


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