Add Cheater Pleats to Your Kilt

Add Cheater Pleats to Your Kilt

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Add Cheater Pleats to Your Kilt!

Cheater Pleats™ are a nice convenience option. Your kilt will still look like you pleated it yourself, but you can take it off and put it back on any time you want to without redoing your pleats. (Depending on how concerned you are about the appearance, pleating your kilt can take anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour each time you wear it). we’ll pleat the kilt for you, and stitch in a hidden waistband to hold it together. Once you belt it on, no one will know you didn’t pleat it yourself!

Here are your choices and measurements needed:

Kilt Waist: Measure your waist size in inches, at your actual waist, where you usually wear your pants. This will probably be 2-4 inches larger than your pants size.

Kilt Length: Measure from your waist to about the middle of the knee. Have someone help you! If you bend even a little while trying to do it yourself, the measurement will be wrong.

Style of Pleats:

Pleat to sett – each pleat is positioned so that the pattern (sett) appears to continue through the pleated portion of the kilt.
Pleat to stripe – we choose a prominent stripe in the pattern and center the stripe down the middle of each pleat. This is a traditional military style, and can look very nice. Some tartans just don’t look good pleated to stripe however. If you choose this option we will let you know if it can’t (or shouldn’t) be done.’

Iron Pleats:

Do Not Iron – Will give the appearance of a kilt just pleated by hand.
Lightly Iron – Will help shape the pleats but still look rustic.
Crisply Iron – Will defined the pleats and help with “the swoosh effect” of the kilt. Great for dancers, or for a more formal look.


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