Blue Fancy Grouse Claw Kilt Pin


Blue Fancy Grouse Claw Kilt Pin


  • Hand Cast in Pewter with an Antique Finish
  • Premium Quality – Made in Scotland
  • Good Luck Charm Kilt Pin
  • In stock Special – Condition New

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Fancy Grouse Claw Kilt Pin

Our Fancy Grouse Claw Kilt Pin comes from one of the older traditions of Scotland. In the Victorian period men would pin grouse claws to their kilts for good luck during hunting trips. Known as a ‘ptarmigan’, they also became love tokens for lovers apart. Premium quality hand cast pewter kilt pin with antique silver finish.

  • Hand Cast in Pewter
  • Antique Finish
  • Plastic Gem
  • Made in Scotland
  • Good Luck Charm Kilt Pin
  • Premium Quality

What is a kilt pin?

Have you ever worn a kilt on a windy day? Yes, we all have, and it can be quite nerving worrying about becoming the next Marilyn Monroe. Therefore, we recommend that you wear a piece of jewelry called a kilt pin on the lower corner of the outer apron of your kilt. The kilt pin adds weight to the outer apron, this prevents the apron blowing open and showing off too much leg. You may also wear a kilt pin purely as a form of decoration, so pick a kilt pin that represents you!

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