Celtic Knot Embossed Premium Leather Sporran

Celtic Knot Embossed Premium Leather Sporran


  • The Celtic Knot Embossed Premium Leather Sporran is made in Scotland for authenticity 
  • Style meets function: two Celtic knots adorn the flap, which features a button closure
  • Customize this future heirloom to the present with your choice of either a Celtic embossed sporran suspender or a chain strap available in an array of sizes
  • Features premium black leather and three leather tassels for quiet elegance

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Root yourself in authenticity with this traditional highland accessory. The Celtic knot enjoys a long history in Celtic artwork; it’s featured on jewelry, pottery, and illuminated manuscripts. Immerse yourself in the legacy of Celtic artisanship and symbolism with the Celtic Knot Embossed Premium Leather Sporran. A practical accessory that also enhances the traditional look of your highland dress. Your sporran comes with the option of a Celtic embossed suspender or a chain strap, available in a range of sizes. Authenticity is the key to true Celtic style, which is why your sporran comes directly from Scotland. Heritage craftsmanship and rugged elegance are our hallmarks  – make them yours, too.

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